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Nepali Calendar 2078 – Nepali Patro

Published on 02/03/2021
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Nepali Calendar is the official calendar of Nepal. Its calendars mostly used in Nepal Government and all over the world Nepalese people. its calendar uses the Nepal government and Non-Government Organization makes a programs schedule on it.

1. Nepali Calendar 2078 Baikash(may/jun) Nepali Patro 2078 Baikash


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2. Nepali Calendar 2078 Jestha(may/june) Nepali Patro 2078 Jestha

3. Nepali Calendar 2078 Aashard(jun/jul) Nepali Patro 2078 Aashard

4. Nepali Calendar 2078 Shrawanh(Jul/Aug) Nepali Patro 2078 Shrawan

5. Nepali Calendar 2078 Bhadra(Aug/Sep) Nepali Patro 2078 Bhadra

6. Nepali Calendar 2078 Ashwin(Sep/Oct) Nepali Patro 2078 Ashwin

7. Nepali Calendar 2078 Katik(Oct/Nov) Nepali Patro 2078 katik

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8. Nepali Calendar 2078 Mansir(Nov/Dec) Nepali Patro 2078 Mansir

9. Nepali Calendar 2078 Paush(Dec/Jan) Nepali Patro 2078 Paush

10. Nepali Calendar 2078 Magha(Jan/Feb) Nepali Patro 2078 Magha

11. Nepali Calendar 2078 Falgun(Feb/Mar) Nepali Patro 2078 Falgun

12. Nepali Calendar 2078 Chaitra(Mar/Apr) Nepali Patro 2078 Chaitra


Nepali Calendar is an authority timetable of Nepal. It brings you Daily Panchang of Nepal, Government, and Bank events, Nepali festivals, puja, Nepali Horoscope, Marriage Dates, Bratabandtha, and so on Similarly friendly celebrations of differently arranged assortments in Nepal’s ethnic, characteristic, and get-togethers at the tip of your finger. This timetable is significant for Nepalese people and Nepali speakers over the world.

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Nepali Calendar relies upon the Bikram Sambat plan and the Nepali timetable is around 56 years and 8.5 months before the English Calendar known as Gregorian Calendar or AD. Nepali Calendar in Nepal is called Nepali Patro. The new year starts from the focal point of April(approximately seventeenth of the April). In Gregorian Calendar the times are known at this point in the Nepali timetable it’s not the situation, for instance, they change yearly.

The most outrageous number of days in a month in the Gregorian timetable is 31, notwithstanding, in the Bikram Sambat Nepali Calendar, it can have as long as 32 days. Bikram Sambat Nepali timetable is by and large used in Nepal and India. A couple of countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and Bhutan are furthermore using Bikram Sambat Nepali Calendar. We have familiar with this timetable by giving unmistakable English dates to Nepali dates plan close by the festivals, Public events, Marriage dates, Bratabandha dates, and date converter devices, etc.

Social classes, generally, use online Nepali timetable for festivities like Dashain(Bijaya Dashami), Tihar(Deepawali), Chath Parba, etc. Dashain 2078 beginnings from Ashwin fifth for instance day of ghatasthapana and Dashain Tika 2078 on Ashwin fourteenth. Tihar 2078 lies on Kartik month. This year Chaath 2078 lies on the extended length of Kartik month. Saral Nepali Calendar is brought to you by saral Nepali social occasions. We have given you Nepali date contrasting English date, events, festivities, marriage dates, bratabandha dates. Also, we in like manner give step by step horoscope, saral Nepali Unicode which is the most un-requesting way to deal with type Nepali on the web. We have moreover given you the date change utility.

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